Car Wash Services

Car Wash - Sherman OaksOur standard wash is a full service wash in which we clean and vacuum the interior of your car, wash the full exterior and clean your wheels for a basic price of $17.99. For the extra special treatment we offer the following services.

Best of the Best

Your vehicle deserves to look its best and what better way than with a “Best of the Best” wash from Fashion Square Car Wash? With every Best of the Best service, you get a Blue Coral high-tech shine, which restores shine to your vehicle’s paint while increasing its gloss and water repellency. In addition, you receive Rain X for glass surfaces, which repels water for better visibility and safety on the road. Our Black Magic tire dressing restores the luster to your tires while preserving and protecting the rubber from ultra-violet damage. So give your car the “Best of the Best”.

We also offer an express exterior wash starting at $7.00

Express Detail Services

Your car deserves to be the shiniest car on the block and we can help. Each of these services is only $59.99  and we get it done for you while you wait. Once your vehicle is dry from its car wash, each service takes about 20 minutes.

Complete Detail and Polish

With a busy life and a schedule to keep, it’s easy to forget the “details. ” but we can help. Our complete detail service gives long lasting protection, preparing your car for the long road ahead. For the exterior, our service includes a three-stage sponge buffing, polish and seal. We also glaze, clay and wax the outside while we completely shampoo and treat – including dashboard protection of the vinyl or leather inside your vehicle. So protect your car with our complete detail service. At Fashion Square Car Wash, we’ll pay attention to your car’s details and keep you on schedule.