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Complete Detail

Exterior Clay Bar exfoliates water spots, sap, pollen, pollution and oxidation out of paint. Orbital Buffing smooths out imperfections and micro scratches from clear coat. Liquid Carnauba Hand Wax shines and protects car’s finish leaving paint glassy shiny. Complete Interior Shampoo deep cleans floors, mats, upholstery, panels and seat belts. Interior Leather Conditioning revitalizes and protects plastic, vinyl and leather.

2-4 Hrs. $240.00

Headlight Restoration

Sand, Buff and Polishes oxidized headlights clear for optimal vision at night.

1 Hr. $59.99

Engine Cleaning

Degrease and pressure washes engine clean

1 Hr. $74.99 (Undercarriage extra)

Interior Super Clean

Cleans dash, cup holders and side panels, blows out crevices, leather conditioner and extra vacuum.

1 Hr. $59.99

Carpet Express

Shampoos floors and all mats for deep clean.

1 Hr. $59.99

Express Polish

Liquid Carnauba Hand Wax shines and protects clear coat (Does not remove water spots, sap or pollutants.)

1 Hr. $59.99