Oil Change Services

Is your vehicle depressed? Maybe it needs a change – an oil change from Fashion Square Car Wash. Here we don’t just change your oil. With our 22 point oil change, we replace your oil filter, check 17 points on your car and do a complete maintenance review. You also receive free oil refills for 3,000 miles and a full service car wash. So give your car the therapy it needs, and let us be your one-stop shop for car care.

Conventional Oil up to 5 quarts $42.99
Semi-Synthetic Oil up to 5 quarts $59.99

* plus $2 environmental fee plus tax

1. Change Oil – conventional up to 5 quarts
2. Replace Oil Filter
3. Check Exterior Lights
4. Check and Fill Transmission
5. Check and Fill Power Steering
6. Check and Fill Differential
7. Check and Fill Battery
8. Check and Fill Window Washer Fluid
9. Check and Fill Coolant Levels
10. Inspect Wiper Blades
11. Check and Set Tire Pressure
12. Check and Report Belt Condition
13. Check and Report Hose Condition
14. Inspect Air Filter
15. Inspect headlights (restoration)
16. Inspect Cabin Filter
17. Check and Fill Front Differential
18. Check and Fill Transfer Case
19. Present Maintenance Review
20. Free Full Service Car Wash
21. Free Fluid Refills for 3 months / 3,000 miles